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Hi, I’m Sara.

I’m a content strategy consultant, writer, and editor currently living in lovely Philadelphia.

When I’m not working with clients, I’m probably:

Before trekking out on my own, I spent a half-dozen years working in agencies – mostly at Off Madison Ave, where I started as a web writer and became the director of interactive content and marketing strategy. Over the years I launched the agency’s content strategy practice, grew the discipline into a core offering, built a department, and joined the senior management team.

Prior to my time in agency-land, I wrote features for magazines and newspapers and developed curricula to educate kids about sexual abuse. The variety’s been nice, but really it’s all the same idea: delivering meaningful, useful information to people who want and need it.

I’m clear-headed, hard-working, and driven equally by perfectionism and realism. I’ve got a big mouth and a busy brain. And I like helping good people make their products and services even better. Want to get specific? Visit my LinkedIn.